We are open for berry picking during the summer months on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 -12. After September long weekend we are closed for the season. Thanks to all our customers. Hope to see you in 2023.


1. Rhubarb

For Rhubarb we carry the Canadian Red variety, which has slim, red stalks.  Rhubarb is one of the earliest crops of the season. It is great when you eat something new and fresh after a winter of eating root vegetables. It is like coming alive again.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is one of today’s highly prized gourmet vegetables.  There are few things tastier than fresh, hand-picked asparagus grilled, steamed, or added to any culinary creation – and not to mention the many health benefits of Asparagus.

Interestingly, Asparagus is a member of the Lily family, and once planted, asparagus roots are produc­tive for at least 15 years. Available in Spring till the 21st of June.

3. Strawberries

We have 4 varieties of June bearing strawberries ( Wendy, Cavendish, Totem and Honeoye) and one variety of ever bearing strawberries( Albion). The June bearing strawberries produce in late June early July, depending on the temperature during Spring. They produce one, big crop over a couple of weeks. the ever bearing strawberries produce fruit through the whole summer, up till it starts to freeze. Last year we picked strawberries till the first day of November! If it is very hot midsummer though, they take a break. Temperatures above 30 degrees Celcius prevent the plant from producing flowers. But as soon as the temperatures drop below 30 degrees, the plants start to make flowers again. The time for a blossom to turn into a ripe strawberry is 3 weeks. So, if you like strawberries, we will have them all summer, except when it is better to sit at the beach than it is to work in the garden☺

4. Raspberries

Varieties: Boyne, Canby, Kilarney, Double Delight and Anna( Yellow)

Most raspberries produce in June-July, but 2 of our varieties( Double delight and Anna) will produce later in the summer again. In fact, they will produce berries till it freezes. The yellow raspberry stands out from the other ones because of it’s very nice, sweet flavor.

Here is a picture of our Double Delight plant:

5. Cherries

We have a mix of cherry trees in our orchard. Some of them are the well known oldies, like Bing and Vans. They produce great tasting, sweet cherries. There are also newer varieties like Sweetheart, Stella and Skeena, which are heavy producers and tend to split less if it rains in June.

Cherry picking season is mid July.

6. Black Currant

Very healthy and deliciously tasting in jams and jellies, and syrups. Also widely used to make wine.

Picking season mid July.

7. Blueberries

variety: Blue crop

Picking season July-August


8. Veggies

During growing season we are open twice a week for you to get pre-picked vegetables.  Every Tuesday and Friday morning we are open from 8-12, and are selling fresh, organic veggies at a very affordable price.

9. Flowers

To beautify our place, we plant a variety of flowers that can be picked by the public. But the underlying reason for all those flowers is that we will offer a service that we offered in the past in Alberta, namely wedding bouquets. Mary-Ann is a certified florist and teacher from Holland. She loves flowers and is eager to create inspiring, organic bouquets for the modern bride.

10. Blackberries

We have 3 varieties of Blackberries; Himalaya, Chester, Boysen berry.

Himalaya is the blackberry closest to the wild blackberry. Smaller fruit, but very tasty. Chester and Boysen berry are thornless and produce quite a bit larger fruits. The Himalayas are ready to be picked mid-end July and  Boysen berry and Chester are ready around mid August.

These big juicy blackberries are full of antioxidants and bursting with flavor.

11. Aronia Berries (Choke berry)

Aronia belongs to the new superfoods. It has the highest anti oxidant count among all other fruits.

Aronia berries have the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit. Why is this so important? Antioxidants protect the body’s cells from the damaging effects of oxidation. And because aronia is rich in antioxidants, it has a very high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – a measure of an antioxidant’s power to neutralize free radicals) – almost 80 units, the highest amongst fruits.

The taste is somewhere between black currant and blue berry. The berries are great for making jelly and jam. Aronia berries mix well with other fruits, like black berry, black currant or blue berry to make a mixed fruit  jam.

Picking season for Aronia is late summer-early fall. The riper the berries, the sweeter the fruit. Aronia are very easy to pick, since they grow in clusters, in which all the berries are ripe at the same time.

For more information on the aronia berry: http://aroniaberrynews.com/

12. Elderberries

Elderberries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants.  People use the flowers and the berries to make syrups and jams.

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